About Me

My name is David Ingison. I developed a passion for cuisine as a teenager and have spent my entire adult life immersed in food. From my early days fresh out of culinary school working as a caterer at the Lake Placid Olympics, to preparing haute cuisine for resorts at home and abroad, to long years as chef owner of multiple restaurants, and more recently to a shift from savory to pastry, I remain passionate about what I do.

I’m the proud dad of four adult kids, and fiancé to an erstwhile ballet teacher, now a marketing copy editor. When I don’t have my hands in pastry cream, I’m running, playing adult league ice hockey, or coaching track and field for high school and college kids. I’ve learned that hand-feeding grilled salmon to a Chesapeake Bay Retriever will spoil the heck out of him but I do it anyway.

Browse my Sweet and Savory pages for images of a lifetime immersed in food. Reach out to me at dingdad58@gmail.com to start a conversation—I’m eager to talk.

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